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Welcome back to my homepage!

You can find some basic information about me on this page:

The rest I have divided into two sites:
  • www.apuuli.de - The more serious part of my world. The site contains material from my professional life with an emphasis on public health informatics in developing countries. If statistics give you a headache and databases give you nightmares, this is no place for you!
  • www.coolport.de - The leisure part of my world. The site is mainly structured according to where I have lived up to now.

How to contact me:

@ Home @ Office
c/o giz Kenya Health Sector Programme 
6th Floor, ACK Garden House, 1st Ngong Avenue 
P.O Box 41607
00100 Nairobi, Kenya
email: uwe@wahser.de 
tel: 00254 706 97 45 97
fax/voicemail: 0049 3212 1269605
National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) 
P.O. Box 30443
00100, Nairobi
email: uwe.wahser@giz.de 

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